Amage the Sarmatian Queen

Last night I read about a successful warrior queen named Amage, who ruled the Sarmatian tribe in the fourth century B.C.  I should have included her in the history paper I wrote earlier this year about prehistoric Russia, so I have added a paragraph about her now.  Quote:

At least once, the Sarmatians had a female ruler.  According to the Greek author Polyaenus, a woman named Amage was their queen in the fourth century B.C.  For some reason her husband was unfit to rule (I don’t know if it was poor health or mental incompetence), so Amage acted as regent.  In those days the Kimgdom of the Cimmerian Bosporus (see below) was an ally of the Sarmatians, and the Scythians were sending raiding parties into the Crimea.  Amage sent the Scythian king a "cease & desist" warning, he ignored it, and she rode with 120 bodyguards to the Scythian camp, covering an estimated 140 miles in a single day.  Nobody in those days was expected to travel so fast, so when Amage and the guards arrived, they took the Scythians by surprise.  The king and most of his family, friends and guards were killed.  Only the son of the Scythian king was spared; Amage let him live because he took an oath to obey her and leave her allies alone.

Unquote:  The above picture of Amage is a modern artist’s conception of what she looked like, of course.  It is not on my website; I found it on this Pinterest page.

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