Thinking about R’lyeh and Egypt

Looking for something different this Christmas?  How about a Cthulhu Christmas tree?  I’m sure the Dagon Tabernacle Choir will love it!


All kidding aside, Leive is planning a Christmas dinner for us and some friends, so during the past two days I have made short trips to buy the ingredients she requested.  Today I also attended the Christmas Eve service at church; somebody from the family had to be there, because Leive’s niece Rezia led the worship.  But because it was only 25 degrees outside, Leive did not go with me.

Finally, this afternoon my favorite author, David Rohl, gave an interview with an online radio station, where he talked mainly about Egypt.  I expect a podcast version of the interview will be available here soon; the interviewer, James Swagger, also put copies of his programs on YouTube.  Although I only learned a couple new things, it was interesting nonetheless; check it out.

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