An Early Winter Siege

December started off on a mild note.  For half a week there was no rain, and temperatures were in the 40s and 50s most of the time; on Wednesday the high was 68 degrees.  Chillier than what Leive and I are used to, after spending most of our lives in warmer climates, but acceptable.

However, we knew it couldn’t last.  As early as Tuesday the weatherman was warning of a winter storm on the way, and that it would arrive on Friday.  It rained for most of Thursday, as the cold front approached.  I made some quick trips to the grocery store, and Leive and I visited my Dad in the evening, but we placed it safe by limiting our trips outside, because we heard the rain would become ice when the temperature dropped.

The temperature began going down on Thursday night, but it did not get below freezing until Friday afternoon, so while it continued to rain, we did not see any ice or snow until two or three hours ago.  Just a dusting so far, but both Leive and I are glad we did not have to go anywhere today.  I did hear about some events in Kentucky that were cancelled by the wintry mix; we’ll see if it affects any of our plans for the weekend.

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