Another Hannukah celebration begins tonight.  Long-time readers will know that every year I observe it by lighting a virtual menorah on this blog, LOL.  However, this year will be different because Hanukkah and Thanksgiving come on the same day (Jewish days begin at sundown, not midnight, remember).

This is an extremely rare occurrence.  I heard on the radio that the last time it happened was more than a century ago (1887?).  On the Jewish calendar, the date for Hanukkah is 25 Kislev, and Kislev normally coincides with December on the Western calendar.  So when Kislev falls in November, it is definitely time to give the Jewish calendar a leap month; look for it 3-4 months from now.

One product of mixing the two holidays is a new recipe – pumpkin latkes.  Another is the menurkey.  The menurkey looks like a turkey, but has candles sticking out of its tail.  This morning I watched a video where the smart kid who invented the menurkey told how he did it.  And now it has a song already!

This may be the only time I say it:  Happy Thanksgivukkah!

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