Right and Wrong Ways to Do Turkey

Well, the Thanksgiving luncheon at my father’s retirement home went off well.  The only unhappy part was that Dad slept through most of it; he probably didn’t know I was there until we were having dessert.  But then he needs to recover from all he has been through for the past couple of weeks.  Then in the afternoon I went and bought the ingredients for the cooking Leive plans on doing for our Thanksgiving.  Now it’s snowing outside, so I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow.

The food at the luncheon was all traditional Thanksgiving fare, as you might expect.  So is the meal Leive has in mind; no Philippine recipes this time.  I pointed out to her that if she wants a Thanksgiving meal like the one celebrated in Florida in 1565, fish would be on the menu, because the Timucua Indians contributed that.

We’re not tired of baked turkey with the trimmings, but if anyone wants a more exotic dinner, I recommend the link below, for some Peruvian, Cajun, East Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Greek recipes.  I trust the Pilgrims wouldn’t mind this variation on what they had:

Turkey recipes from around the world

On the other hand, I don’t recommend what some restaurants are doing with Thanksgiving.  This year they are offering turkey doughnuts, turkey pizza, oversized leftover sandwiches, and turkey ice cream.  Those aren’t variations so much as perversions of what we expect at this time of the year!

4 Disturbing Ways Restaurants Are Reinventing Thanksgiving

Finally, if you are avoiding turkey because you are a vegetarian, here is a turkey for you!


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