Those living in Kentucky know that’s all I have to say.  An Arctic air mass blew in on Saturday and it has been really cold ever since.  At dawn on Sunday, it was only 17 degrees F.; that’s the kind of weather we normally don’t get until January.  This afternoon I was able to mow the backyard, when it got up to the low 40s (I’ve been meaning to do that for a week, but the weather wouldn’t let me), but now as I write this we’re getting a bit of snow.

These days Leive only sets foot outside to go to church, but I’ve been out more than I would like.  The main reason are all these doctor’s appointments my Dad has had for the past month; the retirement home wants me to accompany him on all of them, so I have done just that, just about every weekday.  Today’s trip to the Lexington Clinic was particularly difficult, because it was an 8 AM appointment, so I had to leave home at 7.  But that was the last in the series; because Dad wasn’t seriously ill, they’re all done for the time being.  Now when I go to the retirement home tomorrow, it will be to attend their Thanksgiving luncheon, a much more pleasant duty.

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