One More Reason to Hate AOL

I haven’t liked America Online for many years, as you can see from this page I wrote called Friends Don’t Let Friends Use AOL.  While the company is only a shadow of its former self, they have offended the online community again, this time by dumping Winamp, one of the all-time best programs for playing MP3s.

After fifteen years of whipping the llama’s ass, Winamp shuts down

AOL says it can’t compete with iTunes.  Hello?  There are some users who find iTunes too demanding, in space and other requirements, and Windows Media Player isn’t always the best alternative.  Even now I still use Winamp occasionally, because it is still the best program I have found for editing the information in MP3s (song title, artist, genre, etc.).  If you have installed Winamp already, it will still work on your computer, you just won’t get any more updates.  That’s fine for the short run, but someday we won’t be able to use the old program anymore.  In my case, when I went to Windows 7, a lot of my software did not work on it.  One of those programs was Sonique, another MP3 player that I liked.  Now Winamp is doomed to go the same way.


Thank you for all the entertainment you gave us, Winamp.  I for one see your departure as the end of an era.

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