My First Encounter With Obamacare

For the past week and a half, my father has been getting radiation treatment for some spots of skin cancer.  I’ve been accompanying him to the hospital each day for that.  Some days definitely work better than others.  Today was one of the quickest treatments, and the van we used for transportation was waiting when we got done.  On the other hand, yesterday’s appointment included a lot of waiting.

In fact, yesterday could be called “Hurry Up & Wait Day,” because I must have spent half the day in that mode.  Before Dad’s appointment, I had an appointment of my own, the six-month checkup.  I don’t remember ever waiting as long in a doctor’s office as I did for this – at least an hour and a half before he saw me.  When he finally showed himself, he said he was terribly busy (though I didn’t see any more patients than usual), and gave me the name and phone number of another doctor to go to next time.  When I asked if it had anything to do with Obamacare, he admitted that it did.  I guess the patients are really piling onto the doctors who haven’t chosen to retire at this time.

As I write this, the official website for Obamacare,, is still a disaster.  Today I read an article that suggested might be a better name.  I don’t care what liberals say, it’s not right to be fined for not buying something you don’t want, from a website that doesn’t work.

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