An Early Snow

I woke up this morning to find half an inch of snow on the ground outside.  Apparently it happened after 3 AM; I remember getting up at 3, looking out the window, seeing no snow then, and going back to bed.

Here in Kentucky, it is theoretically possible to get snow as early as mid-October, but after seven years in the state, but the only other time I can remember when we got it in the first half of November was in the first year, 2006.  Normally it doesn’t appear until after Thanksgiving.

Today it only got up to 38 degrees, and now the temperature is falling again, with a low of 23 expected tonight.  It looks like the snow is done, though.


This morning we had some fat sparrows at the bird feeder.  A red male cardinal showed up for breakfast, too, but you can’t see him here because he is on the back side of the feeder.


Another morning view of the backyard.  Note that the apple tree I planted last year hasn’t dropped its leaves yet; in fact, they were only starting to change color.


On Monday I mowed the front yard (probably for the last time this year), and picked up the leaves, so I had the cleanest driveway on the block.  But all my work was for nothing; look at all the leaves the wind blew in last night!  Oh well, I still have to do the backyard when the snow melts.

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