Charles Kimball Is Alive and Well

I can’t believe I let ten days go by without posting something here.  It reminds me of the time when science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon didn’t write anything for a couple of years, so when he produced an anthology of short stories, he gave it the title "Sturgeon Is Alive and Well."

All kidding aside, here is what I have been up to:

1.  The Latin America history project.  I finished composing the text for the latest chapter on November 5.  And what a text that is; in WordPerfect it came out to 118 pages!  Not the longest history paper I have written, but a top contender for sure.  Then I converted it to HTML, and since then I have been working with the HTML code to make the paper look like the others in the series.  As of today, I estimate the recoding phase is 60% done.

2.  A visit from Chris.  My brother came up from Florida and spent half a week with us, from November 3 to November 6.  He’s always welcome, but naturally everything else had to go on the back burner while Leive and I were making sure he had a pleasant time in Lexington.  Then he went to Montgomery, AL to play an Indian at a re-enactment of a battle from the Creek War, the southern theater of the War of 1812 (more bicentennials to commemorate, of course).  Because of Veteran’s Day, he just returned to Tallahassee today.

3.  My father.  He has had four doctor’s appointments since Wednesday.  So far so good for him, but because I am the closest relative and currently not working, I am supposed to accompany him when he leaves the retirement home.  These appointments have taken anywhere from two hours to half a day.  And there will be more treatments for the rest of this week.

4.  Reading news about the terrible typhoon in the Philippines.  Leive didn’t have any relatives on Samar or Leyte, the two hardest hit islands.  I heard from one of her nieces yesterday, on Facebook.  She lives in Cebu City, which is about 50 miles south of where the storm passed through.  That tells me Cebu still has electricity and the Internet.  We have not heard from other relatives yet.  Most of them live on Bohol and Mindanao; that area was hit by last month’s earthquake, but fortunately they were farther from the storm’s path.

I just heard that Israel is sending two teams, seven doctors and six soldiers, to help on Leyte.  The soldiers will assess what is really needed and let Israel know what other rescue workers should come.  Thank you, Israel!

5.  Still searching for a job.  On Tuesday I had a phone interview with Gulfstream Air, about a possible long-term temporary job in Savannah, GA.  They should be making a decision this week.  Not a word from anybody else, especially here in Lexington.  Aside from the short-term Christmas jobs, I don’t know who is hiring locally.

6.  Writer’s block when I was on the computer and not doing something else.  Call it a mental dry spell, it can probably happen to anybody.  One thing’s for sure, this whole month is going to be a busy time.  Tonight we have possible rain, snow and ice in the forecast; what we get depends on how cold it gets.  So I may have a weather story to report next time.

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