“Uncle Sam’s Backyard,” a Preview

For the past two months at least, I have been composing Chapter 5 of my Latin American history series.  Though I am not done yet, the end is in sight.  I just have to finish working on the parts about Cuba and Puerto Rico, and the composition phase will be done.  At the rate I’m going, that should happen in less than a week, maybe as early as next Sunday.  Next will come the tasks of merging twenty-two manuscripts into one, converting it from WordPerfect to HTML, and modifying the HTML code to look like the code from my other history papers.  Then it will be all ready to upload.

I am planning to call Chapter 5 "Uncle Sam’s Backyard," because this chapter will cover the years from 1889 to 1959.  During that time, American influence over Latin America was stronger than at any other time.  And here are the names planned for the topics/subheadings:

The Big Picture
    Latin America’s Role in the World Trade Network
    Enter the United States
    A New Kind of Revolution
Cuba Libre!
Costa Rica:  King Banana
The War of a Thousand Days
The First US Occupation
The Panama Canal, or "I’m Dreaming of a Wide Isthmus"
Peru:  The Aristocratic Republic
Venezuela:  The Tyrant of the Andes
Colombia:  The Conservative Republic
The Mexican Revolution, Phase 1: Conservatives vs. Liberals
Uruguay’s Welfare State
The United States Occupation of Haiti
Argentina:  The Radicals In the Saddle
The Mexican Revolution, Phase 2: Moderates vs. Radicals
Independent Cuba:  The Early years
Guatemala: A Cultured Brute and a Napoleon
Brazil:  The Old Republic
Honduras:  La Republica de los Bananas
Chile:  Parliamentary and Presidential Republics
Ecuador:  The Leftover Country
The Mexican Revolution, Phase 3: Coming Full Circle
The Dominican Dictator
The Chaco War
El Salvador:  The Coffee Republic
Uruguay:  The Terra Era
The Somoza Dynasty, Act One
Panama:  The Bisected Protectorate
The Infamous Decade
Getúlio Vargas and the Estado Nôvo
Colombia:  "The Revolution On the March"
The Battle of the River Plate
Bolivia:  Contending Ideologies
Cuba:  Three Decades of Batista
Venezuela In Transition
The Rise of Juan Perón
Haiti:  Elections and Coups
Peru:  APRA vs. the Army
Paraguay:  The Rise of the Colorados
Costa Rica:  The Unarmed Democracy
“There’s No Place Like Uruguay”
The Bolivian National Revolution
Puerto Rico:  “Candy-Coated Colonialism?”
The Ten Years of Spring
Getúlio Vargas, Back for an Encore
The Perón Decade, or "Don’t Cry For Me Argentina"
La Violencia
Venezuela:  Back In the Barracks
The Cuban Revolution

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