“It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”

This message is largely a follow-up to what I posted last October 27.  First, temperatures are more normal, especially since a warm front came in early this week.  Second, I am finally seeing the kind of fall color I missed last time; better late than never.

Since Tuesday we have gotten just over half an inch of rain, thanks to the warm front.  Now a cold front is approaching from the west, and the weatherman is predicting severe storms will arrive tonight at 8 PM.  We’re also getting high winds, in the 20-30 MPH range.  Some central Kentucky communities have called for Halloween to be postponed, so kids can go trick-or-treating when the weather is more favorable.  So far I haven’t heard of any postponement in Lexington, though; storms are appropriate in horror movies, anyway.

On the job hunt, I have gotten an astonishing number of e-mails and phone calls about a temporary job in Austin, TX, which I assume are all about the same job.  They peaked yesterday, and I was also contacted about another job in Columbus, OH.  The part I found odd was that every one of those recruiters was a pushy guy of Indian ancestry; why are they the folks contacting me?  Then this morning I got an e-mail announcing the exact same job that I had interviewed for, four weeks ago.  Needless to say, I applied for the job again, but I don’t know which of the following happened:

1. It’s the same old job, the e-mail was sent in error.

2. The company decided to hire for more positions.

3. The first person hired didn’t work out; he might not have shown up on the first day.

Any guesses as to which case it was?

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