Iraq Wants the Deed to the Tower of Babel

In the past I have posted links to odd news stories from the Middle East, but I can’t figure out this one.  Iraq kicked out its Jewish community in the 1940s, and most of them went to Israel.  The Iraqi government confiscated the books the Jews could not take with them, and the United States removed those books after toppling Saddam Hussein in 2003.  Now Iraq wants the Jewish Iraqi Archive back, so the Jews won’t try to take the Tower of Babel by claiming they built it originally.

Can anybody make sense of this?  There weren’t any Jews in existence when the tower was built.  If Abraham lived at the time, which I doubt, he wouldn’t have claimed the structure.  Moreover, the tower crumbled away thousands of years ago, and nobody knows for sure where it was (David Rohl thinks it was the temple of Enki, at Eridu).  What’s the point in claiming a building that no longer exists?

Finally, if we give the manuscripts back, what assurances do we have that the Iraqis will treat them as well as the Jews have?  Let an Islamist government take over in Iraq, and the manuscripts will probably get the same treatment as the Bamian Buddhas in Afghanistan.

Anyway, check it out and tell me if you understand what the Iraqis are thinking:

Iraq Wants Jewish Archive to Prove Ownership of the Tower of Babel

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