My Time of the Year Begins

Here’s an update to let everyone know I’m still here.  I went for four days without posting a message because (1) I’m heavily writing the latest chapter of my Latin American history project (e.g., I finished the section on Panama yesterday), and (2) I’m still in mourning over failing to get the job I interviewed for last October 2.  My only hope there is that whoever they hire does not work out, forcing them to come looking for me again.  That happened with the job I had in Connecticut two years ago, where I was hired to replace somebody who was a disaster, lasting only two or three months.  And since the friends we have here can’t help us much in the job search, Leive has suggested we get new friends, maybe even a new church.

In previous messages, I said that here in Kentucky, spring and summer are Leive’s time of the year, while fall and winter are mine.  Well, now the cold stuff has arrived.  September and the first two weeks of October were both unseasonably warm, but not in an uncomfortable way; for most of early October we didn’t need to run the air conditioning, and the heat never came on at all.  A cold front passed over on Thursday, bringing outside temperatures to the low 40s on Friday morning, so then the heat cycle finally came on.  I’ve been watching the furnace since then, because it was acting up the last time it ran, at the end of April; it looked like it had a faulty sensor.  This time it has run properly so far, so maybe it just needed a vacation, after a long winter.

An old neighbor has now come to town:  Costco.  I’ve been watching the new Costco under construction in Lexington, at the intersection of I-75 and Man-o-War Blvd., and it officially opened for business yesterday.  In Florida I lived two and a half miles from a Costco, and I was three miles from another one in Connecticut; I wrote in previous messages about shopping at both.  A job there would pay well, but when I checked a month ago, they had already filled all of their job openings, alas.

Anyway, I paid a visit to Costco’s grand opening yesterday.  Just for a look-see, I didn’t buy anything or renew my membership card.  Still, they had some good deals, and I was impressed with how much it looked like the Florida store (the Connecticut store was laid out differently, and had no gas pumps or an auto shop).  Welcome to central Kentucky, Costco!

Last June, we sent my father to the nearest dermatologist to check out some scars on his head that wouldn’t heal.  They turned out to be a mild form of skin cancer, so last week, on October 9, Dad went back to have the growth scraped off.  Yesterday, while I was at Costco, I got a call from the dermatologist, and she didn’t think she got all of the cancer, so my Dad is not out of the lurch yet.  Stay tuned.

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