Is This My Great-Grandfather?

Over the past few months my brother Chris has been going through the photo album collections that used to belong to my parents, scanning and otherwise digitizing them.  That’s the nature of today’s technology; if you can convert a record (picture, sound recording, video, printed matter, etc.) to a digital format, it can last almost forever on a computer.  While doing that, he came across this video, dated 1935 and apparently taken in Fair Lawn, NJ.


My brother thinks this is a video of our great-grandfather, Clinton Kimball (1877?-1963?).  I don’t think I ever met him; I was four years old when he died, and he was living on the east coast while I spent my first five years on the west coast (California & Seattle).  Hopefully we can get confirmation from the two or three family members old enough to remember him (my father is one).  Here are my brother’s words about it:

This is a short, old 35mm film my dad had in his slide collection.  I am trying to find out more information about it.  I think it is my great-grandfather, Clinton Kimball, in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.  Looks 1930s and is on Kodak Safety Film.  He was a veteran of the Spanish American War and died in 1963, age about 86.  He started the Kimball Press in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

2 responses to “Is This My Great-Grandfather?

  1. Did you ever get confirmation on this? My father in law is a kimball and his family started the kimball press in fairlawn

  2. I am the great grandson of Clinton Kimball. My grand father Edward Kimball Sr. My Father Edward Kimball and I all worked at Kimball press until the press closed in 1992. We showed the video to my father and he can’t say for sure if that is his grand father because he only remembers him as am older man. Is the one of Charles grand child? If you would like to contact me just e-mail me at I am Cliff Kimball

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