Free to Commute Again

I’ve written about other things lately, and when I’m not here I’m hip deep in my Latin American history project.  There my goal is to finish Chapter 5 by the end of this year, so I won’t fall behind schedule, after spending the first eight months of 2013 on other history papers.  Now it’s time to bring readers up to date about life in Kentucky.

The main thing is on Friday my mechanic friend Jeff McKinney came over once more and installed the Airflow sensor I ordered.  The Nissan has worked very well since then, so I think that part finally did the trick.  No more stalling, gas mileage is back to normal, and so on.  The only unusual thing Leive and I have noticed is a squeaking sound from the brakes when I make a hard stop.  I’ll have to check on that.  The point is I’m not stuck around the house anymore!

For the first four days of October it was unusually warm and dry, like September was; highs in the low 80s, lows in the 60s, and no rain.  Then the weather took a drastic change this weekend, due to a cold front coming in from the west.  In two days we got three inches of rain, what we normally get for the whole month; Louisville got 5.91 inches yesterday!  Now the temperature is falling, with a low of 48 degrees expected.

I’m still in an upbeat mood about the job I interviewed for last Wednesday, and I applied for three more jobs on Friday alone, making the past week one of the busiest since the Connecticut job ended.  Maybe that’s a sign the economy is finally recovering, after the false alarms I’ve gotten over the past three years.

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