Is the Long Night of Unemployment Ending?

Are you hurting from the government shutdown?  Quite a few folks are, judging from the news I’ve heard.  And it seems that those in charge, especially President Obama and Harry Reid, want us to suffer, just as they did during the sequester business earlier this year.  If you ask me, that’s a pretty good definition of evil.

Lately I have also been hearing lamentations about the 800,000 “non-essential workers” that have been furloughed because of the squabble in Washington.  I can understand that; I was working as a Navy contractor in 1995, and lost my job to that year’s government shutdown.  Still, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for the furloughed workers, when they’re likely to get their lost pay later (I didn’t get mine), most of them are probably no more competent than I am, and I have been out of work for two of the past three years.


The good news is that yesterday, for the first time in nearly nine months, I had a job interview, with a construction equipment company on the other side of Lexington.  I won’t give the name of the company yet, but trust me when I say it is big.  Because my car is not working right, I got my pastor to take me there and back.  I feel good about how the interview went, because they kept me there for a full three hours, and I talked with four people (the HR director, two supervisors, and even the retiring technical writer I will replace, if accepted).  Moreover, the HR director admitted that she had gone through more than a hundred resumes before she got to mine, so I am one of the lucky few.  Finally, the last supervisor said he is trying to get approval for two more technical writer jobs, so even if I am not accepted now, I will still have a chance to get in.  Because the company has benefits for its employees, this could be the best job I have had since L-3 Communications.

Today I tried going out to get some groceries we are running low on.  I made it as far as the nearest Kroger, but in the parking lot the Nissan gave me so much trouble that I came home afterwards, rather than risk getting stuck.  Thus, I did not get to the farmer’s market where I found some excellent apples last week.

Fortunately, the airflow sensor I ordered on Tuesday arrived this afternoon.  The bumbling Fedex driver delivered it to a house a block away from here, though, so I walked over there to get it, after getting a phone call from that house.  Well, it is not the dumbest thing that delivery services can do.


Hopefully once the sensor is installed, the Nissan (and my life) will return to normal.  Meanwhile in Florida, my brother Chris informed me that a minor hurricane is approaching the Panhandle, Hurricane Karen.  It is aiming for Pensacola, so he might catch the edge of it.  Are we about to start seeing scenes in the road like this one?


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