One Repair Step at a Time

Well, I went to the recommended repair shop this morning and got a new catalytic converter for the Nissan.  The mechanic claimed the old one was so hot, it was cherry red when he looked at it, and that was after it had been sitting in a parking space for a few minutes!  If I had waited any longer to fix this, something dreadful might have happened.

Anyway, the mechanic gave me priority treatment over the other cars he had, so I was in and out of the shop in just under an hour.  To keep me from getting bored, he turned on a big-screen TV in his office.  The unusual part is that he happened to be Palestinian, so all but one of the stations on the TV were in Arabic!  There were Saudi channels, a Coptic Egyptian channel, a Yemeni channel, and so on.  The only English station was a news channel from Russia that I hadn’t heard of before, called RT.

Alas, this isn’t the end of the story.  Replacing the catalytic converter means my car is no longer a “litter buggy,” and with it not belching smoke, I’ll probably get decent gas mileage again.  But the engine is still running feeble; right now I’m pretty sure I don’t have 100 horses under the roof.  The mechanic figured I either need an airflow sensor or an idle sensor, and he didn’t have either.  I ended up ordering an airflow sensor online after I got home; you don’t want to know how I’m paying for these parts.

At any rate, the Nissan isn’t safe to drive until all these problems are fixed, so Leive isn’t going anywhere with me for the short run.  I have a job interview tomorrow, the first since mid-January.  Please pray that I can get to that company and back without a hitch.

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