Now We’re A One-Car Family

The Buick is gone.  Today, as expected, our friend Jeff McKinney came over, we got the title to the Buick notarized at a nearby UPS store, and I handed it over to him.  We originally bought the Buick on April 6, 2002, so this week marks eleven and a half years since then.  I owned it longer than anybody else, and unless Jeff can work miracles on it, it has given me the best years of its life.  Adieu.

He also looked at the car we still have, the 1992 Nissan, and decided that it needs a new catalytic converter.  Because it is unsafe to drive in its current condition, I did not take it anywhere today.  Tomorrow I’ll go to a repair shop Jeff recommended.  This is a major job, that will cost a pretty penny at a time when I don’t have many.  Ouch!

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