On Tortoises, Visitors and Autos

First, this weekend my brother Chris ventured across the Florida-Georgia border to visit the Kolomoki Mounds Historic Park.  Here is a video of a gopher tortoise he spotted there:


I have always had a soft spot for turtles and tortoises, and so I was saddened when gopher tortoises, so common when my family first moved to Florida, became a threatened species due to land developers.  There used to be a colony of them in the vacant lot across the street from my house, until an apartment complex was built on the site in 2000; I don’t think the builders relocated the tortoises.  Therefore I am glad to learn that south Georgia has some gopher tortoises as well.

Meanwhile, back in Kentucky, yesterday Leive and I got a visit from two very old friends:  Ken & Jorene Garrison, my former pastor from Florida and his wife.  Both of them are native to Kentucky, but we met them while they were living in Florida, and then in 2009, they moved to Hodgenville, KY so they could be near Jorene’s mother.  Because Hodgenville is about 100 miles west of here, it took until now for them to visit, and because they were on their way to a wedding in Georgetown, they only stayed for twenty minutes.  Still, it was good to see them again, and I don’t think they look any older than they did last time we were together.  By the way, our crazy parrot Brin-Brin liked them, too.

While the Garrisons were here, our new mechanic friends, Jeff McKinney & Jeff Lowe, were working on my Buick in the driveway.  After going to buy yet some more parts, they got it working and drove it away.  However, we’re not out of the lurch yet.  Late this afternoon, the Nissan started misbehaving again with the same feeble engine problem it had last Thursday.  Tomorrow I expect to give them the title to the Buick; I’ll have to ask Jeff & Jeff to take another look at the Nissan while they’re here.

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