The Xenophile Historian Sitemap, Revisited

After I completed the Southeast Asian history update last Monday, it occurred to me that most of my readers probably don’t know what else is on the site.  I posted a site map of the entire site here, but that was way back in the earliest days of this blog, on January 20, 2007; I’ll be surprised if anyone reading this was here back then.  I definitely should have promoted the site’s features more often, especially when a major addition/update took place, so here is the 2013 edition of the sitemap:

Main Folder

Index/main/front page.
Google-compatible Sitemap
My first guestbook (entries up to November 1999).
My Theory of History.
About us.

The Genesis Chronicles: A Proposed History Of The Morning Of The World

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: The Evolution Revolution
Chapter 2: “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God”
Chapter 3: Theories on the Origin and Development of Life
Chapter 4: Evolution and the Fossil Record
Chapter 5: The Truth About Cave Men
Chapter 6: Why God’s People Should Reject Evolution
Chapter 7: Creation
Chapter 8: Adam and Eve
Chapter 9: Ten Generations
Chapter 10: Noah’s Flood
Chapter 11: After the Deluge
Chapter 12: The Fall and Rise of Civilization
My Biblical Chronology, From Adam to the Exile

A Biblical Interpretation Of World History

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Overview (sample chapter)
Appendix 1: Problems With Egyptian Chronology
Appendix 2: A List Of The Kings Who Ruled The Empires Described In Chapters 5-9
Appendix 3: A List Of Major Events In The History Of Islam
Chapter 1: Overview (sample chapter)
Illustration 1: Figures 1-14 from the text
Illustration 2: Figures 15-28 from the text
Illustration 3: Figures 29-40 from the text
Map Gallery: The maps used in the text
Piclist: A list of the illustrations and maps used in the text

A General History Of The Middle East

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: The Land Between The Rivers
Chapter 2: The Chariot Age
Chapter 3: The Early Iron Age
Chapter 4: The Neo-Babylonian Empire
Chapter 5: The Persian Empire
Chapter 6: The Age of Hellenism
Chapter 7: In The Shadow Of Rome
Chapter 8: Zoroastrians, Pagans, And Christians
Chapter 9: The Islamic Explosion
Chapter 10: The Arab Golden Age
Chapter 11: Saracen And Crusader
Chapter 12: The Mongol Terror
Chapter 13: The Ottoman Era
Chapter 14: The Challenge From The West
Chapter 15: Setting The Stage For Today’s Conflicts
Chapter 16: The Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1948
Chapter 17: The Mother Of All Trouble Spots, Iran And Iraq Since 1948
Chapter 18: The Rest of the Middle East Since 1948
A Timeline of the Ancient Near East

A Concise History Of India

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Ancient/Classical India
Chapter 2: Hindus and Moslems in Turmoil
Chapter 3: The Mogul Empire and the British Raj
Chapter 4: Twentieth Century India

A Concise History Of China

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Chinese History
Chapter 2: The Development of Chinese Civilization
Chapter 3: The First Chinese Empire
Chapter 4: The Zenith of Chinese Civilization
Chapter 5: Mongols, Mings and Manchus
Chapter 6: The Nationalist Years
Chapter 7: China Since 1949
A List of the Emperors of China

A Concise History Of Korea and Japan

Index page.

A Concise History Of Southeast Asia

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: God-Kings From the Far East
Chapter 2: The First Centuries of European Penetration
Chapter 3: The West Takes Over
Chapter 4: Nationalism Triumphant
Chapter 5: The Second Indochina War
Chapter 6: Southeast Asia Since 1975

A History of Christianity

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: The Development of the Early Church
Chapter 2: Christ Conquers Caesar
Chapter 3: Europe as a Christian Society
Chapter 4: The Age of Faith
Chapter 5: The Reformation
Chapter 6: The Church Goes Forth
Chapter 7: New Denominations, New Opportunities
Chapter 8: The Church in the Twentieth Century

A History Of Russia

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Before the Russians
Chapter 2: Medieval Russia
Chapter 3: Imperial Russia
Chapter 4: Soviet Russia
Chapter 5: Commonwealth Russia

A History Of Europe

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Pre-history and Forgotten History
Chapter 2: Classical Greece
Chapter 3: The Rise of Rome
Chapter 4: The Pax Romana
Chapter 5: Decline and Fall
Chapter 6: The West at its Lowest Ebb
Chapter 7: The Viking Era
Chapter 8: The High Middle Ages
Chapter 9: Transition and Turmoil
Chapter 10: The Age When Europe Woke Up
Chapter 11: The Game of Princes and Politics
Chapter 12: A Generation of Revolution
Chapter 13: The Age of Industry
Chapter 14: The Great War
Chapter 15: The Great Intermission
Chapter 16: World War II
Chapter 17: A Continent Divided
Chapter 18: Europe Today

A History of Africa

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: The Original Africans
Chapter 2: Valley of the Pharaohs
Chapter 3: Carthage
Chapter 4: Africa in the Classical Era
Chapter 5: The Trading Kingdoms
Chapter 6: The Forest Kingdoms
Chapter 7: The Dark Continent Partitioned
Chapter 8: “Wind of Change”
Chapter 9: The Independence Era
A List of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and the Kings of Ancient Nubia
The Ipuwer Papyrus (Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage)
A Special Message for Cabinda

The Anglo-American Adventure

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Native America.
Chapter 2: Colonial America.
Chapter 3: Pioneer America.
Chapter 4: Industrial America.
Chapter 5: The American Superpower.
Chapter 6: The USA Today.
Chapter 7: The Great White North: Canada Since 1867.
U.S. Presidential Elections.
The Black Muslims: A Special Feature.

A History of Latin America and the Caribbean

Index page.
Topics covered include:

Chapter 1: Ancient America.
Chapter 2: The Age of the Conquistadors.
Chapter 3: A New World No More.
Chapter 4: Post-Colonial Blues.

Beyond History

The Holy Book of Universal Truths, K.U.P.

Index page.

Chapter 1: Words of Wisdom from Various Sources (smart quotes)
Some of My Favorite Proverbs
More Wit From the Famous
Mark Twain Quotes
This is an Old Saying–That I Just Made Up!
I Don’t Know Who Said these, But I Love ’em Anyway!
Ancient Sumerian Proverbs
The Ten Greatest Unanswered Questions of Our Time
Now Here’s Some More Questions I Would Like Answers For:
The Ten Commandments of Electronic Publishing
Bumper Snickers
The Top Ten T-Shirt Slogans of the Summer
Southern Quotes
Niven’s Laws
Classy Insults
A Serious and a Funny Quote for the Day

Chapter 2: Some of My Favorite Stories
Modernized Fairy Tales
The Ant and the Grasshopper Revisited
Fixing a Flat
What if There Had Been Consultants Two Thousand Years Ago?
One Story, Four Perspectives
Ain’t It the Truth
A Modern Prayer
A Serbian Fable
A Neighborly Lesson
Your Tax Dollars at Work
The Original Warning About a Trojan Horse
The Y0k and Y1K Crises
Two Heroes
The Tears of a Clown
Two Gems from Mark Twain
How To Do Nothing
Teaching a Horse to Talk
Wild and Free Pigs of the Okefenokee Swamp
The Ambulance Down in the Valley
The Eagle and the Chickens
Ten Men In A Bar
How to End a Blood Feud Without Hurting Anybody

Chapter 3: Political Commentaries
Political Words to Live By
The Clinton Legacy
If I Were the Devil
The Commandments, According to the Religious Left
Overcoming Liberalism: A 12-Step Program
Open Letter from African Americans to the Democratic Party
The Graveyard DOES Vote Democratic
Time for Term Limitations, in All Three Branches of Government
What is a Neo-Conservative?
The Liberal Birth Dearth
Global Warming: Good Science or Bad Religion?
In Defense of Christmas
Our First Moslem President?
Why Are American Jews Liberal?
The Evolution of Conservatives and Liberals
Conservative vs. Liberal
You Can’t Fix Stupid — But You Can Breed It
The Two Lefts, Revisited
Is A Dark Age In Our Future?
The Law of 14
My Random Thoughts

Chapter 4: Essays on Various Topics
Bill Gates on Education
Only in America
What half a Century can Teach You About Life
Twenty-one Ways to Deal with a Dead Horse
Your Daily Moment of Zen
Strange Thoughts for the Day
For Those Who Have Gotten This Far and Still Take Life Too Seriously
Still More Eternal Truths
At Ground Zero in Florida’s Year of Storms
The Second Greatest Generation?
By the Grace of God and a Female Cardinal
“For I Have Tasted the Fruit”
A Packrat Nation
Nature Is A Mother
Florida, From the Inside and Outside

Chapter 5: They Really Said It (dumb quotes)
A Collection of Dumb Quotes
Why Athletes and Coaches Can’t Have Regular Jobs
Some Predictions That Were Really Off
Dumb Questions & Answers in the Courtroom
Dubious Product Warning Labels
Dilbertesque Quotes
Something Was Lost In The Translation
Funny Classified Ads
The Irish Bull

Chapter 6: Stuff That Won’t Go Away
My Views Regarding Alien Life
It Must Be The Mystery Factor
Pyramidology = Pyramidiocy
About Atlantis
What Race Were the Ancient Egyptians?
Civilization: Has It Been Worth It?
Doomsday in 2012?
My Pet Peeves
Concerning Moses
A Liberal History of the United States
The Times, They Are A Changin’
Spengler’s Laws
You Can’t Fix Stupid — But You Can Breed It
If You Can Read This, You’ve Got It Made
Is A Dark Age In Our Future?

Chapter 7: Netiquette
Basic Netiquette Guidelines
Urban Legends, Hoaxes, Chain Letters and The Top Ten Dangerous Computer Viruses
Date Rape Drug Warning
Some Tools for Fighting Spam
Friends Don’t Let Friends Use AOL
Don’t Become Phish Food
A report form for those who have been offended by someone else’s online behavior
When In Doubt, Back It Up!

Chapter 8: Observations on the War on Terror
War of Words: Quotes Pertaining to the Current Conflict
The Seven Deadly Sins of Terrorism
A Question Concerning Israel and American Politics
The Middle East “Road Map,” Applied to the USA
Some Questions About the History of Palestine
The Fate of the Palestinians
The Myth of Afghan Invincibility
The Liberal Rules of War
The New Jews
Comedemocracy: A Theory
A Call for an Islamic Reformation
Satan’s Chosen People?
The Real Enemy
Time For A New Manhattan Project
All European Life Died In Auschwitz
‘World Opinion’ is Worthless
Couch Potato Warriors
How to Handle an Irritating Seatmate
Airline Travel Isn’t Fun Anymore
Our First Moslem President?
Why Won’t Anti-Semitism Go Away?
The Best of Victor Davis Hanson

Why I Am Not A 9/11 Truther
Unconventional Tactics For Fighting Terrorism
The Two Lefts, Revisited
Is A Dark Age In Our Future?

Chapter 9: Just For Fun
My Vault in Cyberspace.
The Temple of Relief.
The Funniest Photos Ever E-mailed to Me.
Stop Me If You’ve Heard These Already.
From YouTube, Some Historical Hysteria.
The Very Last Page of the Internet.

Chapter 10: Secrets to Success
Quotes from Successful People
Just Quit Now
Expect to Go Alone
Limit Your Options
Entitlement as a Way of Thinking
Land of the Free (to Lay Blame)
Don’t Catch the Wave, Get In Front of It!
How To Conquer Florida
My Success Bibliography

The Ever-Growing List of My Favorite Links.

My Download Center.

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