A Concise History of Southeast Asia, 3rd Edition

I think I have figured it out; each folder of history papers on The Xenophile Historian should get a major update about once per decade.  Now I have done it with the Southeast Asian series.  I first composed the history in 1989-90, then revised it in 1999 or 2000, and now, after a month of work, I have just completed another update, so now the narrative goes all the way to 2013.  Several new pictures have been added as well.  Finally, the events covered in Chapter 6 that happened in 1975 or earlier were moved to Chapter 5, where they come right after the Vietnam War narrative.  Anyway, here is the basic outline; read and enjoy!


A Concise History of Southeast Asia

Chapter 1: God-Kings of the Far East

Before 1500 A.D.

A Geographical Introduction

An Amazing Beginning

The Arrival of the Malays



Other Mon and Malay States

Burma: Pyu, Pegu and Arakan

Early Vietnam

Nan Zhao

Pre-Moslem Indonesia

The Khmers


Dai Viet vs. Champa

The Birth of Siam

Ava and Ayutthaya

Lan Xang

The Long Road from Mecca to Manila



Chapter 2: The First Centuries of European Penetration

1500 to 1800

The Portuguese Quest for Spices and Souls

Magellan’s Expedition

The Spanish Philippines

The Second Burmese Empire

Cambodian Escapade

The Dutch East India Company

Arakan: The Mrohaung Era

The Phaulkon Affair

The Fall of Lan Xang

The End of Champa

Two Divisions of Vietnam

Eighteenth Century Burma & Siam


Chapter 3: The West Takes Over

1800 to 1941

The Dutch East Indies

British Malaya, Singapore, and Borneo

French Indochina

Britain Annexes Burma

Philippine Nationalism

America Comes to the Philippines

A New Siam

Nationalism in Burma

Nationalism in the Dutch East Indies

Nationalism in French Indochina


Chapter 4: Nationalism Triumphant

1941 to 1957

Japan Strikes

Life Under Tojo’s Heel

The Forgotten War in Burma

The Liberation of the Philippines

The Last Acts of World War II

Nationalism Unleashed

The Indonesian War of Independence

The Karen Revolt and Other Burmese Problems

The Hukbalahap Rebellion

Thailand: Between Hot and Cold Wars

The First Indochina War

The Malayan Emergency


Chapter 5: The Second Indochina War

1954 to 1975

America’s Mandarin

The Three-Sided War in Laos


Vietnamization and the Cambodian Diversion

The Phony Peace

Malaysia and Singapore Get Organized

Burma: A Ne Win Situation

Indonesia Under Sukarno

The Philippines: A Dictatorship Made For Two

Thailand Experiments With Revolution


Chapter 6: Southeast Asia Since 1975

Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore: Success Despite the Odds

Burma/Myanmar Rejoins the Community of Nations

Cambodia: The Killing Fields

Indonesia: The Suharto Era, And A New Beginning

East Timor Since 1999: The New Kid On The Block

Laos: Feeling Good–And That’s All

The Philippines: A Dictatorship Made for Two

The Philippines: People Power

Thailand: The Unconquered Kingdom

Vietnam: The Phoenix of Asia

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