Loose Ends to Start the Month With

The first message in this blog for September will be a follow-up on my message from last Friday.

First of all, the new UK football coach, Mark Stoops, had an embarrassing debut when UK lost to Western Kentucky last night.  Can you say Big Blue Frustration?

Weather-wise, we got five inches of rain for the whole month, and two of those inches fell on the last day.  Thank goodness it wasn’t all at once; there were at least three showers at my house, as wave after wave of rain clouds passed over from the northwest.  And there weren’t any leaks in the house this time; that’s the best news.

There doesn’t seem to be much point in a holiday for celebrating work when you don’t have a job.  Because of that I don’t plan to shop or otherwise goof off for Labor Day; I expect to be quite busy, though my schedule isn’t complete yet (I’ll mow the lawn if the grass is dry enough).

Leive’s niece Rezia came over, picked up Leive, and took her out to lunch.  That was awfully nice, but after they came back, they sat in the family room and talked for a couple of hours (in Cebuano, no doubt).  Did they have to do that where the family parrot, Brin-Brin, could see them?  Brin-Brin doesn’t like Rezia, because she married his worst enemy, and though she wouldn’t hurt a flea, whenever she comes to the house she makes Brin-Brin cry!  What a silly bird . . .

In the evening we went to visit my Dad, and ended up spending two hours at the retirement home, so Leive could give him a shave, haircut and manicure.  Definitely a job well done, to make up for the times I go there alone.

Finally, last month’s LegalShield promotion has been extended into September.  Normally it costs $149 to become a LegalShield Associate, but for a limited time, those who sign up can qualify for a $60 rebate if they make a sale this month.  What a deal, you’ll come out ahead almost immediately!  If you’re interested in knowing more, contact me for the details.

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