Football and Flies

Here in Lexington, the minds of the locals are turning to football.  Not only is the NFL season about to begin, but the University of Kentucky will have its first game of the season tomorrow.  They will be playing Western Kentucky University, so it’s a local rivalry, though not as big as the rivalry between UK and the University of Louisville.  Even more important, this will be the first game since Mark Stoops became UK’s football coach (see my message from November 28, 2012), so this will be our first chance to see what he can do.

WKU vs. UK game logo

Meanwhile at home, Leive and I are dealing with something more mundane – flies in the kitchen!  We were used to them in Florida, but not in Kentucky; normally the only bugs that bother us are the black ants that invade the house each spring.  We don’t know where the flies are coming from, and with the weather this hot, I seriously doubt we have an open door or window somewhere.  We can’t spray or bug bomb the kitchen, because Brin-Brin’s cage is there.  Nor is Brin-Brin much help, because parrots don’t eat bugs; all he can do is growl at the flies.  And I definitely won’t be able to try the method used by the last pharaoh of Egypt’s Old Kingdom, Pepi II:


(This video was posted here before, in my message from April 29, 2012.)

In the end we resorted to an old-fashioned tool – the good old fly swatter.  Leive claims to have killed fifteen flies with it yesterday, and at least half a dozen today.  Currently my best hope is that the flies won’t buzz around so much after this current heat wave ends.

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