Now It Feels Like Summer

Now that it is the last week of August, the temperature has been creeping upward, so that we’re finally getting the hot summertime weather we missed the rest of the month.  The rain stopped two weeks ago, too, so maybe the rainy season we’ve been having is now over.  For three days in a row, the high temperature was 88 degrees, and then yesterday it was 90.  The forecast calls for more of the same until September begins:  90-91 degrees each day, with little chance of rain.

Just for fun, last Monday I checked the weather for Black Rock City, NV.  This is the only time of the year when anyone would want to know what the weather is like there – because of the Burning Man festival.  Well, for the whole week they are expecting highs in the 80s, and lows in the 40s; on one night it could get down to 39!  Normally for Burning Man, the temperature on the Playa is above 100, encouraging everyone to go around semi-naked, but now those poor folks will have to bundle up!  What a change from when I went to Las Vegas at this time in 2009, and I burned my right foot walking outside, even with dress shoes on.

Of course the heat won’t last, with fall less than four weeks away.  On Monday I heard the Farmer’s Almanac prediction for the upcoming winter on the radio.  The authors of the Almanac claim an 80 percent accuracy rate, by using traditional methods of predicting the seasons, like woolly bear caterpillars; no satellites or any other high-tech tools.  This time they’re predicting a killer freeze, or as they put it, “piercing cold,” “bitterly cold,” and “biting cold.”

The most interesting part of the Farmer’s Almanac forecast is a blizzard for the east coast on February 1-3, right during the Superbowl.  I checked the list of Superbowl locations on Wikipedia, and in forty-eight years, all but two of those championship games were held in the Sunbelt states, precisely to avoid winter storms like this.  The first Rustbelt game was held in Indianapolis in 2012, and because Indy has a domed stadium (the Hoosierdome), winter did not get in the way.  This time, however, the NFL’s luck may run out; the next Superbowl is scheduled for an open stadium, the NY Giants home field in Meadowlands, NJ.  I’m going to go out on a limb and predict this will be the first Superbowl postponed or cancelled on account of bad weather.  You heard it here first!

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