Europe Reorganized

Well, I added yesterday’s World War I story to Chapter 14 of the European history series, as a footnote.  That required the renumbering of 34 footnotes that came afterwards, so I decided that putting both World Wars in the same chapter made the chapter too big to modify easily.  Therefore I split Chapter 14 into three chapters, to cover World War I, the interwar period, and World War II.  Heck, if you go into a bookstore like Barnes & Noble, you will find whole books devoted to one battle from those conflicts.  The former chapters 15 & 16 have been renumbered accordingly, too, so now the European history has a total of eighteen chapters, just like the Middle Eastern history.

Here’s an outline of the affected chapters, in case you haven’t read anything from them already:

Chapter 14: The Great War

1914 to 1919

It Started as the Third Balkan War

The Lights Go Out

The Schlieffen Plan

The Decisive Campaign

Other Events of 1914




The Last German Offensive

The Central Powers Give Up

Chapter 15: The Great Intermission

1919 to 1939

Disillusionment at Versailles

The Irish Free State

From Idealism to Upheaval

The Rise of Mussolini

The Scourge of the Depression

War Games in Ethiopia and Spain

Suddenly, It Became Hitler’s Austria

The Munich Agreement and the Maginot Line

Chapter 16: World War II

1939 to 1945

The Blitzkrieg Unleashed

The Fall of the West

The Battle of Britain and the Campaigns of 1941

Under the Swastika

The "Final Solution"

Underground Resistance

The Battle of the Atlantic

The Air War

The Underbelly of the Axis

The Liberation of France

The Final 150 Days

Chapter 17: A Continent Divided

1945 to 1990

Postwar Territorial Changes

The Nuremberg Trials

The Iron Curtain Descends

The Marshall Plan

Occupied Germany and the Berlin Airlift

Yugoslavia Breaks With Moscow

The Postwar Leaders of Western Europe

Unrest in the Soviet Empire

Fascism’s Last Stand

The Nations That Tried to Buy Happiness

Northern Ireland’s Troubles

The Common Market

The End of the Cold War

Chapter 18: Europe Today

1990 to 2000

The Late-Blooming Mediterranean Republics

The Northern Ireland Crisis — Solved

A United States of Europe?

Eastern Europe in the 1990s

The Yugoslav Wars: The Slovenian and Croatian Phases

The Yugoslav Wars: The Bosnian Phase

The Yugoslav Wars: The Albanian Phase

Demographics, 1914-2000

Europe Today

Now the next time I work on European history, I can see my main task will be bringing Chapter 18 up to date.

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