August Catch-up

It’s time I caught the regular readers up on what is happening with the family in Kentucky.  First, the weather.  The cool and wet cycle is continuing, and with August almost half over, it’s starting to look like the rest of summer will be that way.  We haven’t had a day with 90+ degree temperatures since mid-July, and most of the time the high is around 82.  Well, let’s enjoy it while it lasts!  Remember the killer heat we got last summer?  As for the rain, we didn’t get any for the first week of the month, but some has fallen every day since Thursday.  And not a sprinkle; in five days we have gotten two-thirds the usual amount for the whole month.  Thus, humidity is starting to be a problem in our basement again, though no water has leaked in through the wall this time.

I told you about one of the family cars, the Buick, breaking down last Thursday, and how I got it towed back to the street we live on.  On Saturday Dan Sturdivant, the mechanic in my church, came over to look at it.  He charged the battery, so the engine turned, but there was still no ignition.  Well, that ruled out the battery as the cause of the engine stalling.  The engine is getting gas, and there are no leaks underneath, ruling out fuel line breaks.  Both the spark plugs and starter were replaced less than two years ago, and I have only driven the Buick a few hundred miles since then, making it unlikely the problem is with those devices.  This may require some research.  In the end the best Dan and I could do was push the Buick into my driveway, so it won’t interfere with traffic.

Leive came back from the ladies’ retreat just before noon on Saturday.  She had a good time, but most of the other ladies kept her awake at night, so she spent the rest of the weekend resting up.  I think she’s back to normal now, because she spent most of this afternoon and evening cleaning up in the basement.

And that’s the way it is, on August 12, 2013.  This is Charles Kimball signing off.  Good night.

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