Just Brin-Brin and I

Well, Leive is out of the house.  She left at 4 PM with the ladies of our church to go on a retreat in the nearest Kentucky mountains, 46 miles southeast of here.  They went again to Aldersgate, the same campground Leive and I had been to before; see my message from May 30, 2010 for the pictures I took when I was at Aldersgate.  They will return on Saturday afternoon, so here in the house it is just Brin-Brin the parrot and myself for roughly 48 hours.

I joked before they left that I expected my biggest problem would be getting along with Brin-Brin.  He still prefers Leive’s company over mine, to the point that I have nicknamed him “Snapping Pigeon” and “the Original Angry Bird.”  Fortunately he did not shred the newspaper today, though I expected him to when I took out the garbage without his permission.

As it stands, I had a bigger challenge this evening.  At 6 PM I went out to run a couple of errands and look for prospects for my LegalShield business.  I had the Buick blocking the garage door (the van of one of the church ladies is currently parked where I normally park the Buick), so I took the Buick on this run, instead of the Nissan, though the Nissan is definitely in better condition.  It stalled twice on the way out, before the engine warmed up –- I’m used to that behavior, alas.  Then it ran all right for most of the trip, until I came back.  About four tenths of a mile from home, the engine quit again, and this time I could not get it started again.  If this was Florida, I would have tried pushing it the rest of the way home, because Florida is flat.  As is, I had to go up a hill to get home from here.

Fortunately I still had my AAA membership from my adventure in Connecticut (see my message from September 27, 2011).  I used that to call a tow truck, and they arrived an hour later to take the Buick and I home.  We left it on the curb by the mailbox, instead of in the driveway; I’ll wait until after the ladies come back before deciding what to do about the broken-down car.  One thing’s for sure, when I can afford to replace one of the cars, the Buick will be replaced first.

I picked up some sweat, dust and mosquito bites while waiting for the tow truck, so after getting back I took a shower.  Now I’m having a very late dinner; hopefully tomorrow won’t be quite as interesting.

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