These Cats Don’t Like Their New Friend


Well, can you blame them?  Most of the people I know wouldn’t like it if you put a stuffed human in their house.  I said as much, in a footnote I wrote back in the 1990s.  Quote:

Unless you’re some kind of "vegetable rights" fanatic from California, you’re not likely to object if somebody puts dead flowers in a vase, or decorates a living room with a dead tree at Christmas time.  However, some of us never get over a basic feeling of "wrongness" at the sight of a dead animal head mounted on a wall.  And a few years ago I read about somebody encasing the mummified body of an American Indian in lucite so he could use it for a coffee table.  If I did something like that you would not enjoy visits to my house; you might even call the local insane asylum!"

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