Kenyan lawyer takes State of Israel, Jews to Hague over Jesus’ death

This may top all the frivolous lawsuits I have heard of to date.  Apparently a Kenyan lawyer has too much free time on his hands, because he wants to overturn the trial and conviction of Jesus, from 1,980 years ago (give or take a decade).

Kenyan lawyer takes State of Israel, Jews to Hague over Jesus’ death | JPost | Israel News.

However I look at this story, I see nothing good coming out of it.  First, the defendants are the present-day governments of Italy and Israel.  Italy because it was the headquarters and presumed heir of the Roman Empire, Israel because of the Sanhedrin’s involvement and because that is where the original trial and crucifixion took place.  Well, several other countries have claimed the mantle of Rome for themselves; I listed them in Chapters 9 & 10 of my world history textbook.  Greece (via Byzantium).  Russia.  Spain.  France (during the Napoleonic years anyway).  Britain.  Even Turkey.  What about them?

Second, what about changing laws over the ages?  Will evidence permissible in the first century not be allowed here, for instance?

Third, if the trial succeeds in overturning the ruling of Pontius Pilate, what next?  We don’t need to rehabilitate Jesus; he rose from the dead, for crying out loud!  And judging from Christianity’s success over the ages, I don’t see much point in having Italy and/or Israel pay reparations.  What’s the lawyer’s religion, anyway?  This looks a little like an attempt to discredit both Judaism and Christianity.

And this is probably the most important issue:  the New Testament tells us that the whole point of Jesus coming to earth was to offer Himself as a sacrifice, to redeem the rest of us.  How would that be accomplished if He did not die, at the hands of the Romans or anybody else?  God has already overturned the conviction of Jesus in Heaven; let Him do it on earth, when the time is right.

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