What Kind of Summer Is This?

I mentioned in previous messages that Kentucky is a little schizophrenic when it comes to deciding where it stands in the nation.  Sometimes it seems like it belongs in the South, other times it looks more like part of the Midwest.  No doubt that’s part of the reason why the state waited until five months after the Civil War started, to choose what side it would be on.

Well, for the past week Kentucky has been with the Midwest, weather-wise.  The whole Midwest has been unusually cool for July, and so has Kentucky.  For the past week it has felt more like September.  Once in the past eight days the temperature got up to 87 degrees; the rest of the time it never went above 81, and most of the time it has been in the 60s and 70s.  As for lows, yesterday morning it went all the way down to 54.

Remember how hot it was here in July of 2012?  If last July was the hottest since Leive and I moved to Kentucky, this July is fixing to be the coolest.

The daily rain showers have stopped, too, giving us a much-needed chance to dry out.  Because of that, the dehumidifier I put in the basement last week is doing its job.

I’m starting to wonder if our parrot, Brin-Brin, is psychic; it seems like he can read Leive’s mind, or at least understand what she is saying.  It’s normal for him to growl and snap when I’m around and Leive isn’t, to the point that I occasionally call him “the original Angry Bird.”  When he is mad enough, he will go to the bottom of the cage and shred the newspaper.  This in itself is nothing new; when I was working in Connecticut, I suggested that the company I was with ought to hire Brin-Brin, because they shred bins full of documents all the time, and he really will work for peanuts!

Yesterday, however, Brin-Brin was mad enough to shred the newspaper twice, each time when I was in the kitchen getting a meal.  That gets Leive mad, because she has to clean his cage every time he does that.  The second time it happened, she threatened to give Brin-Brin away!  After that he was a much better behaved bird.  He sat quietly on his perch for the rest of the day, sometimes chewing on his toys.  He’s definitely the craziest pet we ever had.

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