Mixed News From Near & Far

Quite a bit has been happening with the family this week.  First of all, my brother Chris has been in Tallahassee, FL since Monday, doing apartment-hunting because his new job will be starting there next month.  Here he is in front of the state capitol building.


Yesterday he found a suitable place to stay, in a good location, and definitely in a civilized neighborhood, unlike the kind of place he has been in for the past decade.  As I write this he is on his way back to the Everglades, presumably for the last time, and in two weeks will be moving his stuff to Tallahassee.

At home we have had two broken appliances in the kitchen for the past two or three years.  The door broke on the overhead microwave, meaning we could not use it because we couldn’t close the door; we even had to unplug it to keep from wasting electricity, from the inside light coming on.  Since then we have gotten by with a portable microwave on the counter.  Also, the stove works but the top of it is cracked; I’m not sure what caused that.  Here is the kitchen you’re familiar with, if you have seen the pictures I took in there previously:


Here I tried to photograph the cracks in the top of the stove.  Unfortunately the flash hid half of them; they actually extend all the way to the top right corner.


Anyway, on Thursday last week Leive and I went shopping for a new range and microwave.  We visited three stores, and when we found what Leive liked best we placed an order.  Then we waited until yesterday, when they were delivered.  The first truck delivered both items, and the guys in the truck installed the range, but not the microwave.  A couple hours later the second truck arrived, and those guys put the microwave in place, after doing a bit more drilling and bolting than expected.  Leive spent the rest of Wednesday cleaning the kitchen, so I could not get some good pictures of the new appliances until this morning.  Here they are:




Now our kitchen will definitely be more pleasant, the next time we have company in the house.

On the other hand, the news from Leive’s family in the Philippines is not good.  Her elder sister Irma has been in poor health for a while, and last week she suddenly found it impossible to walk without a cane.  We finally got her to see a doctor, and the test results came back yesterday.  No stroke or diabetes, which is what we feared, but she has an enlarged heart, and her kidneys are failing.  Leive is talking about Irma’s days being numbered, and we are praying that will not be the case; please pray with us on that, too.

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