Rezia Is Now An American

Congratulations, Rezia!  My pastor announced that last Friday, Rezia King took the oath of citizenship, so she is now a Yankee Doodle Dandy, as he put it.  It took her nearly six years, about the same amount of time as it took my wife Leive.


For those who aren’t long-time readers, Rezia is Leive’s niece; I guess niece-in-law is the term for how she is related to me.  Back around 2000, she came from the Philippines to attend college, settling down in San Antonio, TX.  In May 2007 she came to visit us, and because she was unmarried, Leive introduced her to the youth director of our church, Gene King (above is a current picture of both of them).  They got along great from the start, and ended up getting married three months later.  Consequently Rezia only went back to Texas long enough to get her things.  In our church she replaced Jim Latimer as the worship leader, and is still living near us now.

All this brings back memories for Leive and I.  Leive became a citizen on May 13, 1991, in downtown Orlando’s Federal Building.  Our daughter Lindy was four years old at the time, and she was frightened on that day, because she thought that when Mommy became an American, she would turn white!  For that reason, Lindy watched the whole ceremony very closely, and was probably relieved when Mommy looked and sounded the same afterwards; then we celebrated by going to a Filipino restaurant for lunch!

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