Why News Reporters Should Not Depend on Teleprompters


There is nothing funny about last week’s Asiana Air crash in San Francisco, but an unknown prankster made a sick joke anyway, putting four obviously fake Chinese names on a local news teleprompter, which the news anchor at Oakland’s KTVU read without realizing there was “Sum Ting Wong.”

The Oakland reporter has since then apologized for the gaffe, but blamed the National Transportation Safety Board, stating that they confirmed the list of pilot names.  I’m guessing the NTSB person responsible is named "Wi So Dum."  Now I’m wondering why something like this has never happened to President Obama, in view of how much he depends of teleprompters.  His problems come up when he doesn’t have a teleprompter to lean on (the picture below is from the message I posted on August 23, 2012).

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