Good Family News

God has been good to my family this week!  First of all, my unemployment benefits ran out last week.  Now that may not sound good, but read on.  I have been trying to call the Connecticut Department of Labor about that since Monday, but they are so busy this week, that I did not get through until today.  Judging from what the agent on the phone told me, I qualified for an extension, and I won’t even miss this week’s amount.

The news from my brother Chris is even better.  You may remember he visited us the first week of June.  When he got back to Florida, the first thing he did was go to Tallahassee for a job interview.  In the month since then he has been scanning my Dad’s slide collection, and posting them online so the rest of the family will have copies.  Well, this morning he learned that he got the job!  He will be starting on August 5, so sometime before then he will have to move from Naples to Tallahassee, leaving behind all the Everglades critters he has been living next to for the past ten years.  In addition, he will be a few hundred miles closer to the rest of the family, so we can expect him to visit more often.

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