My Brother Visits Again

My brother Chris was here last week, from Monday to Friday.  This marked his fourth trip to Kentucky in the past year and a half.  He just returned to Naples, FL today; he didn’t head directly home after leaving here.

Anyway, the main purpose of his visit was to be here for our Dad’s 80th birthday, on June 3.  To celebrate, we bought some meals at the nearest Fazoli’s; when Fazoli’s was in Florida, back in the 1980s and 90s, that was about the only fast food place that everyone in the family liked.  At the local Meijer I picked up a small chocolate ice cream cake for him.  One thing’s for sure, Dad got plenty of attention that week.  Here is Leive giving him a haircut on Wednesday.  Don’t be fooled by his expression, he really liked it!


Chris also spent a day in Richmond, KY, where he visited Whitehall, home of Cassius Clay (not Muhammed Ali, the original Cassius Clay, the 19th century politician and Abolitionist), and did some research on the family.  Did you read my message from last January 25, where I talked about the 200th anniversary of the River Raisin battle and massacre?  Well, it turns out that an ancestor of ours, James DeJarnette, fought in that battle, as a captain.  Good thing he survived; if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

And here is a picture Chris took of our parrot Brin-Brin, sitting on top of his cage.  Alas, the crazy bird seems to dislike him as much as he dislikes me.


On Saturday, I took the Nissan to our mechanic friend, Dan Sturdivant, for another look, because during the week it didn’t run well at all.  He disconnected the A/C compressor, which was making a lot of noise, and replaced three broken vacuum hoses, which had escaped his attention previously.  Overall the car is doing much better now, when we thought for the past year it was having an electrical problem.  We no longer have air conditioning in the car, but I don’t think we’ll miss it much, because summers in Kentucky are so much shorter than summers in Florida.

Speaking of air conditioning, the past week was mostly on the cool side for June, with daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s.  Today, however, it soared all the way to 95 degrees, so I am declaring that summer is unofficially here!

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