The Girls On Fox News

I have wondered out loud why liberal politicians continue to do well in so many elections, when people on the right side of the political aisle tend to be better looking.  Especially those of the female persuasion.  There are a few comparative pictures like the one below, to make that point; I posted it on this commentary page.



Now it turns out that a country musician named Austin Cunningham agrees, because a few months back, he recorded a video called “The Girls On Fox News.”  It hits close enough to the mark that the liberals who have seen the video are debating whether it is a real tribute or a parody.  They’re also saying some nasty things about the girls in question.  Are they just jealous because they have to use hags like Roseanne Arnold and Rosie O’Donnell to express their point of view?  Or is this an example of the statement “I know by their yelling that I have hit them right?”


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