Barack Milhous Obama?


Forty years ago, the Congressional investigation of the Watergate scandal began to be broadcast on TV.  I didn’t expect to see that bit of history repeat itself, but it looks like it just did.  Besides the Benghazi fiasco heating up, for the first time since last year’s election, two new scandals emerged:  news that the IRS gave special scrutiny to conservative organizations, and the discovery that the Justice Department had been bugging twenty phone numbers belonging to the Associated Press.



You know President Obama is in trouble because comedians didn’t want to make too many jokes about him in the past, but he’s fair game for them now.  Besides the above paragraph, I also heard two other zingers from Jay Leno about this.  He pointed out that this is a milestone for Democrats; this is the first time they had to deal with three scandals at the same time, and none of them involved sex!  Leno also predicted that FOX News is going to change its slogan, from “Fair and Balanced” to “See, I Told You So.”

Of course some reporters are so liberal that they are going to cover their ears and deny that anything is wrong.  MSNBC is one network where I would expect folks to react in the manner that the statement below predicts:


So when will we hear one of the scandals called IRS-gate?

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