One More Reason Not to Convert to Islam

Islamic clerics are a gift that keeps on giving.  Just when you think they have done enough to make their religion look silly, one of them issues a fatwa that discredits them even more.  Some of the examples I have mentioned here in the past include declarations that it is okay for women to breast-feed co-workers, and that mice should not appear in cartoons because they are unclean animals.

Now a Saudi cleric has announced that women who are home alone should not turn on the air conditioning, because it might attract men and lead to immoral acts.  Oh my goodness, are sex drives THAT hard to control in the desert?  Maybe if they allowed women to drive or leave home without being accompanied by a husband, father or brother, they wouldn’t have to worry about women being home alone!  I know for a fact that if I was in that climate and found a building with the air conditioning on, I’d be more interested in getting out of the heat than in who might be inside the building.  This reminds me of situations in 1998 and 2011 when heat waves struck, the air conditioning wasn’t working at home, and I looked forward to going to work, because that was the only place where I could be comfortable!

Saudi Arabia: Women Banned from Switching on ‘Immoral’ Air Condtioning by Islamic Cleric – IBTimes UK.

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