A Definite Warming Trend

I haven’t had a lot to report over the past few days; this message is to let regular readers know I’m alive and well.  Sunday and Monday were unusually cold, in the morning temperatures reached as low as 38 degrees.  There was a frost warning, but fortunately that didn’t happen.  I think I mentioned a couple years back that here in Kentucky, only farmers pay much attention to when the first freeze comes in the fall, but everyone who plants something in the ground is concerned about a late frost killing their flowers or veggies.  However, today the high was 80 degrees, and there are no more cold snaps in the long-range forecasts, so with it being the middle of May, I think hotter days are here to stay.

Mother’s Day came and went since my last message.  Besides the card, I got Leive some flowers.  Not a dozen roses, but two pots of New Guinea impatiens, one red and one orange.  She has been wanting to plant impatiens in the front yard, so I believe she has enough of them for her project now.


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