More Rain, and Calabaza in Kentucky

Today was another rainy day, and that put a damper on activities – literally.  Fortunately no water got in the house this time.  Last Wednesday I bought some caulk and sealant to stop up the leak in the basement.  The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow, so maybe then we can apply the materials; we’re supposed to wait until conditions are dry before trying them.

Previously in this blog I wrote about looking for foodstuffs that we enjoyed in Florida but usually aren’t available here in Kentucky:  sesame bagels, muscadine grapes, pummelos, calamondins, and datil pepper products.  Well, there is another we were missing and did not realize it until now:  West Indian calabaza.  This is a sweet winter squash, similar to a pumpkin.  Leive knows a nice casserole recipe where the two main ingredients are calabaza and coconut milk; we had it in Florida but not since moving to Kentucky, because I did not see calabaza anywhere.  However, this week I discovered a new Mexican grocery store on New Circle Rd., and they had calabaza, among other things, so I bought a whole one for Leive.  Leive took a few minutes to inspect it, because this one had a white outer skin, while the calabazas we were used to in Florida were tan, but once she decided it was the same on the inside, she whipped up her casserole recipe, also throwing in kale, potatoes and green beans.  Yummy, we found one more way to make Kentucky resemble Florida!

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