Many Little Things

Hello at last, and happy new month!  I know I haven’t written much lately.  Not only have I been running around in the real world, but there has been a bit of writer’s block; I couldn’t think of anything good to write about.  Nothing earthshaking has happened here over the week, just a lot of little things to begin May with.

First, last week I wrote about the furnace in our house acting erratic; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Consequently I turned it off last Sunday; the good news is that we haven’t needed it since then.  Since Tuesday at least, daytime temperatures have been in the 70s, with plenty of sunshine.  In other words, perfect for going out; even Leive is willing to come out now, after being cooped up in a little room for most of the long winter.

The first week of May is Kentucky’s time in the sun, literally, because that is also when we have the Kentucky Derby.  Of course the hype is building up for Saturday’s big race.  Today, for instance, our local newspaper published a chart showing the jerseys the jockeys will be wearing, so we’ll recognize them on the Churchill Downs track.  You can download the chart here.  This is the closest thing we have in the modern world to the heraldry of medieval knights – and it serves the same purpose.  The weather is not looking as promising, though.  There is a 50 percent of rain forecast for Lexington on Saturday, and 70 percent for Louisville, meaning it could fall right when the horses are running.  A best-case scenario would have the rain drop on a western town like Owensboro, before it gets to Louisville.

Last Saturday I went to the local blood bank, located just one mile from the house, and gave a pint.  I did it because my blood pressure had been running a bit on the high side, and because those who give three times between April and September will be entered in a drawing for a Toyota Prius.  We definitely need to replace both of our cars soon, with the way they’ve been running for the past year.  Speaking of which, on Tuesday I took one car (the Nissan) to get an oil change.  The mechanics also cleaned out the fuel injectors, which improved the engine performance a bit.  Now let’s see what the Derby Weekend will bring.

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