Now It’s Chilly Inside

This morning was another cool day; 34 degrees when I woke up, around 60 in the afternoon.  But this time the furnace isn’t working right.  I noticed fairly quickly that it was short-cycling; it was only on for five minutes out of twenty, and it didn’t seem to be as loud as before.  Then I realized that it wasn’t heating the house.  Temperatures upstairs were the same, but it was 64-65 degrees on the main floor, and 63-64 in the basement.  Flipping the circuit breaker caused air to come out of the vents, but only briefly.  I called the gas company to make sure they hadn’t shut off my gas, and they said everything was all right from their point of view.  Either my thermostat has failed again, or my furnace has failed.

I’m hoping the thermostat is the problem, because compared with the furnace, that is easier and cheaper to fix.  See my message from February 12, 2010 for what it was like, the last time we had a thermostat failure.  I called my handyman in-law, Gene King, to let him know, but he did not answer; for all I know he may have been out of town today.

Oh well, guess we’ll have to tough it out for the short run.  Leive will be all right because she has her space heater upstairs, and in a worst-case scenario I’ll break out the other heater for our parrot.  In the afternoon the sun heated the house up to 67 degrees, where I have the thermostat set, but the furnace was still cycling on and off, so I turned it off, figuring it was only wasting electricity.  Ironically, with the long-term weather forecast predicting a gradual warming trend, I’ll venture to say that if our heating system had lasted another week, we wouldn’t have needed to use it again for the next six months.  It looks like this year the cold season was just too long.

In the meantime we got some work done outside.  Leive spread the rest of the mulch I got for her last week, and as promised, I mowed the lawn for the first time this year.  I couldn’t plant the Fuji apple tree, though; Leive has her own idea about where it should go, and I’m waiting for her to show me the spot.

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