A Late Cold Snap

We got a couple of inches of rain in the middle of the week, enough for a puddle to form in the basement (arrgh!).  Then behind it came a surprise cold front.  I say “surprise” because it looked like it was 70 degrees outside yesterday, when it really was 43; it caused me to step outside without a jacket.  Part of it was because the heat wasn’t running; it took until last night for it to get cool enough indoors to trigger on the furnace.  This morning it was only 34 degrees, prompting a frost advisory.

Since I last wrote about our activities in Kentucky, Leive has planted some petunias by the front door.  And because of the rain mentioned above, the grass is finally growing, so I will start mowing the lawn (and the weeds in it) very soon.  I don’t believe I ever had to wait until late April to start mowing before; I remember years when I had to do it as early as the third week of March.

You may remember that I planted a Red Delicious apple tree in the backyard last October, and I promised to get a mate for it the following spring.  Well, I went and bought the companion tree earlier this week, and will plant it when conditions are right (probably tomorrow).  The new tree is a Fuji apple, which is recommended for cross-pollination with a Red Delicious; it also happens to be Leive’s favorite kind of apple.  The only store in town with Fujis is K-Mart, and their trees are semi-dwarf varieties, so we have room for two of them, if we want to get another.  Also, the price was marked down from $15 to $10; I suspect K-Mart isn’t selling many trees this year.

Last Monday marked two and a half years since I was laid off here in Kentucky, and today marks one year since my last job (the contract assignment in Connecticut) ended.  So the next time somebody asks me what I do for a living, I will be tempted to say “nothing at all.”  No signs of economic recovery since I went to some interviews and job fairs in January.  Again, it looks like my LegalShield business is my best hope for success in the future, so expect me to push it more.  Last week I let a phone call offering a contract job get in the way of my prospecting.  That was stupid; by trying to find a job and new Members/Associates at the same time, I ended up failing at both.  From now on my business will definitely take precedence; heck, it will be the only priority once the unemployment assistance runs out.

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