What’s New With LegalShield

In my previous message I told you that last week’s LegalShield convention had more new announcements than any other convention I attended.  I looked through my notes and counted seventeen of them.  Here they are:


1. New videos:

  • “Introduction to LegalShield” video.
  • The LegalShield Opportunity video.
  • New membership video.
  • New compensation video.
  • Two-minute video to introduce the service. 

2. “Special Items” under “Docs On Demand.”

3. Identity Theft Premium, our newest product!

4. Believers & Achievers conference, next October.

5. “Live More” = New LegalShield Magazine.

6. Revamped advancement system for Associates.

7. E-mail space has been enlarged, from 20 MB to 10 GB.

8. New hub site.  Clicking on the LegalShield logo in the right-had column will take you to it.

9. New addresses:  www.legalshieldassociate.com/login_name , login_name.legalshieldassociate.com, login_name@legalshieldassociate.com .

10. The LegalShield Opportunity Brochure.

11. New flipchart.

12. New training modules (30 minutes each, with PowerPoint presentations).

13. New Associate welcome kit.

14. New DVD, with Darnell Self and all the new videos.

15. The Next Step:  training audio CDs with Darnell Self, Dave Savula and Brian Carruthers.

16. The 2014 Performance Club trip is to the Ritz Carlton in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

17. an invitation from the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

( http://www.nationalbcc.org )

All things considered, it looks like the rest of the year will be a great one for the company.

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