From Cold to Hot

We are now in the hot-time mode of the year, all right.  Yesterday and today, the outside temperature reached a high of 80 degrees or more.  Inside, it is still below 70 in the basement, but today the air conditioning came on upstairs for the first time since last summer.

What’s more, we are finally getting a decent flower show as the biggest show-offs in the neighborhood, the Bradford pear trees, are now opening up their blossoms.  I think they were delayed by dry conditions as well as the cold; we haven’t had any rain for two weeks.  Well, the weatherman is predicting thunderstorms for tomorrow, so that will change quickly. And this afternoon Leive went outside to work in the garden for the first time this year; she wants to plant some okra soon.

As for me, I plan to plant a mate for the apple tree next week.  I can’t do it now because I am about to go out of town, for the annual LegalShield convention in Oklahoma City.  Although I am bringing my trusty tablet, I don’t expect to have time to compose blog entries until I after I get back.  Leive and Brin-Brin will be minding the fort in Kentucky while I am away.  See you later!

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