Oh, Puh-leaze! Do We Need This Reminder that Men Are Pigs?

As time goes on, we invent more and more products for consumers to buy, and more variations on existing products.  This is a sign of a prospering economy, but it can also be a sign of decadence.  I got an example of that on Wednesday evening; I was grocery shopping, and Leive told me to look for Hormel chili, among other things.  The result showed that we haven’t had chili out of a can recently; we either had it at a potluck, or I went into a restaurant like Gold Star Chili, the fast-food chain that offers Cincinnati-style chili with spaghetti or coneys.  In the past, when I found the Hormel chili, I would have just grabbed a few cans and moved on.  This time, I counted no less than eleven kinds of Hormel chili:  With beans, without beans, vegetarian, turkey, chunky, and so on.  I had to call Leive when I found the cans, just to make sure I took the right ones.  So many choices, so little time . . .

And now for an even more blatant symbol of decadence.  On November 28, 2012, I posted a message about bacon-flavored shaving cream.  Now the same company has introduced bacon condoms.  Even if you like eating bacon, this is so wrong.  Just the porking jokes this will generate, make this a crazy idea.  I am assuming the bacon is raw, and not cooked.

Company releases new bacon-flavored condoms | Fox News

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