Pothole Season

Right now the driving is more treacherous than usual.  It’s not because of the snow, though it’s still falling as I write this and snow IS a concern.  It’s because of the potholes in the road.

When I lived in Florida we were most likely to get sinkholes in May, because that was the peak of the dry season, and ground water would be at its lowest level, exposing cavities in the limestone bedrock.  Here in Kentucky sinkholes are less common, due to our clay soil, but it turns out that the end of winter is the most likely time to get potholes.  I think it has something to do with constantly changing temperatures and precipitation.  During the past few days I have had to dodge quite a few of them, when out on the road.  One in particular is nearly two feet wide, and only a quarter mile from my house; because it’s on the only road leading out of my subdivision, I have to pass it every time I go out.

Last week our local newspaper pointed out that March is pothole month, and that the problem isn’t as bad this year as it was in the past.  I hope so; the on-ramp mentioned from Newtown Pike to I-75 is so bad I think the whole thing needs to be resurfaced.  And more than one have appeared in the area near Hamburg Village where some road work has been done over the past month.

Lexington is gaining in battle against potholes

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