Cakes, Rain, Boxes and Electronics


First, an update to the previous message.  Here is the birthday cake that my daughter Lindy made for Lexi.  It’s nice to see that Lindy still has artistic talent, LOL.  And no, Lexi didn’t smash this cake, like the two she got for her first birthday.

Today the weather has been thoroughly miserable.  Temperatures in the 30s, raining all day, and the rain is supposed to turn into snow tonight.  Leive and I have prepared a gift package to send to Leive’s relatives in the Philippines, but the man who was supposed to pick it up postponed his trip to our place, because his truck doesn’t have a roof.  Now it looks like he’ll try again on Wednesday, if the forecast holds out.

I told you previously about using my Google Nexus tablet to entertain the parrot.  Yesterday I tried some new music on Brin-Brin – some Tuvan throat singing from Huun-Huur-Tu!  In fact, it was the songs in the video below:


Would you believe that crazy bird liked the music?  Maybe it is because he can growl, and those Tuvans growl in chords.  It looks like Brin-Brin and I can be friends after all.  Leive is not happy, though, she hates Central Asian music!

Brin-Brin couldn’t listen today, because of a minor crisis at lunch time; I couldn’t turn on my tablet.  After calling Radio Shack, I did an online search, and found that sometimes tablet circuitry can get mixed up; pushing both the on-off switch and the volume control at the same time unstuck the controls.  Whew!

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