Winter Won’t Leave Peacefully

Yesterday was the first day of spring on the calendar, but you wouldn’t know it from the way the weather is behaving.  Hopefully this is the last big chill of winter.  Besides the March winds, we got snow flurries today, and yesterday the temperature took a nosedive; it has been below freezing since then.  This morning it was 19 degrees F., the lowest  we have had since the first week of February, and now it is still only 27.

Earlier this week I wrote that the University of Kentucky Wildcats won’t be playing in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament.  Well, according to the schedule, UK’s arch-rival, the University of Louisville, played its first game in the tournament today, beating North Carolina A&T by a score of 79-48 in our own Rupp Arena.  The U of L Cardinals decided to come to Lexington a day early, so they would have time to practice.  Thus, yesterday an arena full of blue seats was full of people wearing red, as the Cardinals practiced in UK’s home court.  Talk about adding insult to injury!

Regular visitors to The Xenophile Historian will know that I have a folder where I take a break from writing history and instead write commentaries and humor, called “The Holy Book of Universal Truths, K.U.P. (Kimball’s Unauthorized Perversion).”  Well, Chapter 4, the page where I post essays not having a direct connection to the subjects in the other chapters, was starting to get cumbersome, so I gave each of the essays its own page, and posted links to them from the home page of Chapter 4.  Here is how they are organized now:


Actually it was bound to happen one of these days.  Of the ten chapters in the folder, the only ones left that try to put everything on one page are chapters 1, 2, and 5.

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